Zamárdi Card for a cheaper vacation!

Each guest who has accomodation in Zamárdi and paid the tourist tax is due to have this card.

The card is valid during the period of staying here and entitles the bearer to have 5-20% discount of different services.

Zamárdi card all year round!
Zamárdi new tax discount possibility of Zamárdi’s card offers.
5-20% discount on the price of different services!

Ask for by the owner of the accommodation !

Card release process:
The owner comes in to the office and pick up the cards. These cards are numbered and the numbers must be entered in their guestbook next to the guest’s name.
There are 3 copies of the card.
One family was made out pretty one, because we have to enter the number of people (on the local tax payer and the number of persons are not required to tourist tax.)
The card shall bear the guest’s name, the property address, host name, and how long time to spending in Zamárdi.
One of the copies for the owner of the house, 2. copy for the inspectors of tourist tax, copy 3rd goes to the guests.
The guests can use the card in front holding up the discounts.
The list of acceptors will receive the guests with a credit card, but can also be found here.

Who can obtain a card?

All guests who spend at least one night in Zamárdi and the taxes  are paid to the hotel.

Where to get the guest card?

The lodging place filled by the hotel. For the card not have to pay extra.

Who can use the card?

The card is called, but family / house with concerns. The number is indicated on the card.

How long is the card valid?

The period of validity is to stay at the hotel. If someone returns several times, each time a request card.

Where to use the card?

Each guest receives a card next to a list of accepted places where 5-20% cheaper to get some services. These include restaurants, rentals, massage, leisure activities, etc. found. Before use the card must be presented to the accepting place!

Where you can claim a host card?

In the Tourist Information office all year!