Zamárdi combines the teeming holyday centre with a less louder. calmer city, wich has beautiful panoramas from “grapemountains” and delightful Forest parts in the background. The “Association for Zamárdi” picked 3 tourist routes for travelers in 1993.

Red mark track: Zamárdi railway station-Balatonendréd-Tótokilap-Szántódpuszta-Szántód-Kőröshegy r.way station, 18 kms long, mostly passable via bike.

Green mark track: Zamárdi railway station- Szántódpuszta. Length of the route: 4 kms.  Longer route (11 kms): It goes along with Lake Balaton on the front ’till Szántód-rév. Mostly passable via bike.

Yellow mark track: Zamárdi railway station, the church, the Village Museum, the Iron Cross, the  look-out, after the donkey-stone it turns back to the station. Length of the road: 8 kms. Firstly we recommend walking!


Main sights in the citys touched by the routes:

Zamárdi: More details on the Tourism/Sights page Balatonendréd: Kájel “lacehouse”, Museum for the introduction of vercsipke masterpieces. Katholic and Calvinistic monumental churches. Baroque holy trinity statue. Szántódpuszta: A collection of monuments from the XVIII.-XIX century from majorság with a chapel , local history exhibition, with Lake Balaton aquarium, winery, services with horses. Szántód: Szent Kristóf statue – Rév Csárda -ferryport.